ABOUT Aljoud Hotel

Al Joud Boutique Hotel, Makkah

Al Joud Boutique Hotel, Makkah Vision and Mission

Al Joud Boutique Hotel, Makkah Interior Design is made by the most famous and preferred American designer “JP Design” In response to the growing boutique hotel trend and considering the economic and investment potentiality of the holy city of Makkah Al Mukaramah, Saudi Arabia.

Al Joud Boutique Hotel, Makkah is the first BOUTIQUE HOTEL in Makkah, aims to provide the service of hosting guests from everywhere in the world with deluxe facilities designed with careful attention to comfortable and home-like details, rich elements adorn the boutique hotel interior design from stylish marble, walls to classy carpets, subtle wall decorations with golden accents to bold and lighting fixtures, creating an inviting and restful atmosphere for the guests to delight in.

Over 98 room and suite welcome visitors with a variety of layouts: king bedroom, twin suites, junior and executive suites, finished in neutral colors and with comfortable modern furniture.